Play responsibly

All players should be aware of the risk of gambling becoming a serious addiction that can cause serious harm to one’s financial situation and personal wellbeing. In order to avoid this happening, following key principles should always be followed:

1. Set limits to your gaming

Always plan ahead of your gaming session how much you actually can afford to spend without hurting your wallet. Let’s say you decide that you are willing to loose 100€ on one session, if you reach that point of losing 100€ you should immediately stop. Having an unlucky streak should be regarded as a routine thing, do not ever try to “win back” what you lost once you have exceeded your daily budget.

Online casinos have different tools to manage losses. These can be set to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly loss limits. When you reach your limit, the show stops and you will have to cool down before playing again.

2. Understand what kind of player you are

Try to analyze your last few sessions. Are you impulsive? Do you often take uncalculated risks or do you let yourself do crazy bets in order to get a “rush”? Be honest with yourself and try to avoid those situations that often lead to unwanted consequences.

3. Seek help when you feel you don’t have control

Do not hesitate to seek help when you realize that you can’t manage your gambling. All casino sites will refer to gambling hotlines and services with dedicated professionals that can help you getting back on track.

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